Your Child’s Dental Visit: Five Things You Should Know

There are many things to consider when choosing a dentist for your child. By having some information in advance you can avoid difficulty for both yourself and your children.

Ask Questions

When making your child’s first appointment with a dentist, ask what they’ll experience. By preparing your child and talking about what they can expect at the first visit to a dental care facility, you can alleviate fear or anxiety and help them have many positive experiences in the years to come.

Your Child’s Dental Visit: Five Things You Should Know

“Meet” the Dentist

If possible, research the dentist through a search engine like Google. Read reviews that other patients have posted about the care they received. Later, you might want to visit the clinic before taking your child, just to see how other children react to their treatment.

Your Child’s Dental Visit: Five Things You Should Know

Provide Information When Making the Appointment

If this is your child’s first visit to a dentist, let the receptionist know this important information when you make the appointment. Remind staff of this major event when you arrive with your child. The dentist will then be prepared to gently guide your son or daughter through the examination process, and, hopefully, a cleaning.


Choose a Nearby Clinic

Bear in mind the amount of travel time required to get to the dentist. If you choose a place that is far from your home, your child may be cranky when they arrive, making it less likely they’ll have a good experience.

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