Sports Guard

Sports Guards: Why Athletes Should Protect Their Teeth

Since the 1990s, the American Dental Association strongly recommended the use of mouthguards by anyone who participates in competitive sports. It seems like a no-brainer for contact sports like football and rugby, but even athletic activities that have fewer collisions (like basketball, gymnastics and skating) can lead to serious dental injuries. Even people who play sports for fun can protect themselves by using a sports guard. They’re not just for the pros.

Any dental professional can provide a properly fitted sports guard. While you can obtain something over the counter, a custom-made guard provides the best protection by accommodating your mouth’s particular shape. First, your hygienist or dentist will take a mould of your teeth using dental putty or another material. That impression is either sent to another location where the guard is created, or it will be formed on the spot in the dentist’s office. Once the guard is made, you will try it on and your doctor will make sure it fits properly. At this time, please let your dentist know if any portions of the sports guard cause irritation or discomfort. Your dentist will file down those areas and make the appropriate adjustments so you can wear the guard comfortably.

Ohana Dental wants you to have a great smile, and avoid unnecessary pain or damage to your teeth. If you participate in any kind of sports that might put your mouth at risk, call us to get a consultation about how to best protect yourself.