Exam/Consult/Treatment Plan

Consultation and Oral Health Exams

By seeing a dentist regularly for consultations and exams, you can identify any potential dental or gum problems you may have. The process can range from checking your teeth for cavities and other issues, to suggesting advanced methods to further treat any problem. At times, dental x-rays may be needed to provide proper diagnosis.


It is important to regularly take your family to a reputable family dental clinic. Family dental clinics provide care for patients of all ages. The staff will make sure that every client, especially children, is comfortable during their visit. It is highly recommended to take kids along to your own appointments as early as the eruption of their first tooth. This will help them get used to regular dental visits.


During your visit, the dentist will give you a full examination and discuss with you possible procedures that may be necessary to solve an oral health issue. A great dentist will make sure every patient fully understands the possible remedies and the benefits they can get from them. Upon agreement, appropriate treatment plans will be created.


Dr. Guan has more than 15 years of experience as a family dentist in Bowmanville and is committed to providing premier dental care through exams, consultations and treatment plans. Our friendly and trustworthy staff creates a comfortable and welcoming ambiance in every visit.

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