Dental Extraction and Nitrous Oxide

You may be familiar with nitrous oxide gas; it is often referred to as laughing gas. This is because the gas creates a feeling of euphoria and leads to people giggling or laughing. Laughing gas or nitrous oxide as it is termed in the dental world is simply a mixture of nitrous oxide and pure oxygen. The nitrous oxide numbs sensations of pain and relaxes a person. The pure oxygen in the mixture is used to promote breathing and prevent you from overdosing on too much nitrous oxide which can be toxic in large quantities.

What Are The Benefits To Using Nitrous Oxide Gas During A Dental Extraction?

There are many benefits to using nitrous oxide sedation. It is a safe and easy way to sedate a person. It can be used on children, adults and the elderly. Sometimes the laughing gas on its own is enough to numb the pain for a dental extraction to take place. In other cases, laughing gas is given to a patient to prepare for the injection of an anesthetic that will completely numb a tooth or area where a dental extraction will take place.

By far the biggest benefit to using laughing gas it that it that it not only numbs pain, but it also relaxes a person. Many people are afraid to see a dentist. They may feel uneasy in sitting at the chair in the dental office. Nitrous oxide gas solves this issue by calming a person, thereby allowing the dentist to perform necessary procedures to extract a tooth, or install a filling or crown. It also allows the injection of other anesthetics to people who are very sensitive or phobic about needles.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation During Dental Extractions

Nitrous oxide sedation can help you overcome the fear and the pain of getting a dental extraction. It is safe, effective, and in most cases you can drive home on your own after the procedure. Ohana Dental Clinic is a provider of nitrous oxide sedation for dental procedures in Bowmanville, Ontario. Call our office to learn more or to set up an appointment. Our telephone number is 905.697.3440.