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Soothing Pain from Braces: Seven “Life Hacks”

Wearing braces to achieve a beautiful smile is a temporary, but sometimes uncomfortable, condition. Enduring occasional pain from braces is not uncommon, especially if they have just been installed or been rewired. Here are seven helpful hacks to ease throbbing pain in your mouth:

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#1 Frozen Yogurt or Fruit Ice
Who doesn’t love frozen treats? The coldness from blended frozen fruit or low-sugar yogurt can alleviate gum pain and reduce inflammation. You can also try swishing cold beverages in your mouth.

#2 Warm Saline Water
Swishing luke warm salt water for a minute or two may reduce soreness.

#3 Acetaminophen
An over-the-counter pain reducer is one approach for pain management. Be sure to contact your orthodontist before using medicine and follow proper dosing instructions.

Soothing Pain from Braces: Seven “Life Hacks”

#4 Avoid Hard Food
Chewing harder foods such as meat, chips, and apples causes excessive tension for teeth and gums. Avoid eating tougher foods when possible. Opt for softer options such as yogurt, ripe bananas, pasta dishes, or soups.

#5 Over-The-Counter Gum Gel
You can apply a gum-numbing product such as Orajel to relieve pain. Follow the packaging directions.

#6 Orthodontic Wax
Your orthodontist can provide this product to help with braces pain. Gently apply it over the gums and other areas of the mouth where you feel discomfort.

#7 Deep Breathing
Take deep breaths, meditate; try to remain calm. Pain and discomfort is only temporary. Try to relax.

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Soothing Pain from Braces: Seven “Life Hacks”

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