healthy teeth

Four Effective Dental Habits You Should Start Today!

Preventing bad dental habits are important not only to prevent tooth decay and gum disease but for your overall good health.

Healthy teeth not only produce a great looking smile but also prevent dental decay and gum disease. To be clear, there are several bad dental habits that should be prevented such as forgetting to floss. Forgetting to floss can lead to dental cavities and gum disease. When bacteria is left on your teeth, dental decay can form. To ensure that decay doesn’t form, brush your teeth at least twice and day and floss your teeth once a day.

Be careful when brushing!

Another bad dental habit is brushing too hard. Brushing your teeth is important; however, brushing too hard can harm the tooth’s enamel and gum tissue. Brushing your teeth with slight pressure can produce better results without putting too much pressure on the teeth. It is also important to choose the right toothbrush; some dentists recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush.

Never use your teeth as a tool!

Another bad dental habit to avoid is using your teeth as a tool. Chipped teeth and enamel damage can occur when you use your teeth to cut tags off a blouse or use your teeth when clipping your nails. Instead of using your teeth as a tool, only use your teeth when you are eating.

Smoking and biting your cheeks can harm your overall health

Smoking is another bad dental habit and can increase your chances of developing oral cancer. However, by not smoking, you can also lower your chances of developing heart disease, lung cancer and painful lesions of the mouth. Smoking also can lead to loss of teeth, cause bad breath and lessen your ability to taste and smell. Some of us, without knowing it, bite our cheeks. Basically, this habit is harmless but can become problematic when teeth are misaligned or when a nervous cheek biting habit causes irritation of the cheeks.

Talk with your dentist if you are grinding your teeth

Grinding your teeth is another bad dental habit. Grinding your teeth at night is something you do without knowing it; however, this is when a dental checkup can help. With an oral exam your dentist can see the effects of grinding your teeth and offer you dental treatments that can help. Good dental habits are important for healthy teeth and gums and can prevent diseases like diabetes and cancer.

To conclude, good dental habits create a healthy and great looking smile and prevent dental carries and gum disease, as well as certain diseases such as diabetes and oral cancer. Find out more about good dental health from your dentist!