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Don’t Scare Them Away: 4 Benefits of Fresh Breath

If you’ve ever been speaking with someone and they turned their head away unexpectedly, you know that uncomfortable feeling. Are they bored? Do they need to get to an appointment? Is it my breath?

It’s not the most pleasant thing to experience. It is a little bothersome to the once nearby us as well. And, if you’re asking a girl on a date, then it could influence whether she says “yes” or “no”.

But it’s not that bad, right? As long as we keep our distance we can avoid those problems on days we aren’t aware of it. This is true. But it’s difficult to do and there are some causes of bad breath that can impact us beyond our social interactions.

According to research, bad breath is caused by our brushing habits, the quality of our diet and digestive and gum diseases. Brushing daily can do away with some of the odor causing bacteria, but it isn’t enough. We need to brush our tongues, floss, drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. Chewing sugar-free gum can also help.

Fresh breath can feel great and is a sign of health. Here are 7 benefits of having fresh breath.


Don't Scare Them Away: 4 Benefits of Fresh Breath

When we aren’t having difficult social interactions due to our bad breath we can be more confident. At work this is extra important. Superiors in the work pace value hygiene and fresh breath cold improve your relationships and your confidence at work. Our confidence gets stronger over time as we realize people aren’t offended by our presence.


Don't Scare Them Away: 4 Benefits of Fresh Breath

Fresh breath is not only comfortable for the other person but also for ourselves. Because bad breath is caused sometimes by gum disease, the bacteria build up in such a situation can also be very uncomfortable. When our mouth doesn’t have an unhealthy amount of bacteria it feels better.

Sometimes it’s not only the other person that smells our breath. Sometimes we smell it.

Disease Prevention

Don't Scare Them Away: 4 Benefits of Fresh Breath

Like we mentioned above, disease can be a cause of bad breath which can have larger repercussions. Gum disease can occur when foods get stuck in the mouth and cause fungus development. Brushing and flossing can prevent this. Also, maintaining a balanced diet can prevent digestive diseases, another major cause of bad breath.

Addressing bad breath can ensure that you don’t develop larger problems.

Avoid Embarrassment

Don't Scare Them Away: 4 Benefits of Fresh Breath

This might sound silly, but it’s true. When we realize we have bad breath we sometimes behave differently. We speak with a muffled mouth or we don’t face the person we’re speaking to. This can cause confusion and embarrassment.

If our breath is fresh it’s a sign of good health. In general, when our breath is fresh things simply go easier for us.

If brushing, flossing and changing your diet on your own aren’t doing enough, Ohana Dental Clinic’s professionals can help you solve the problem.