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Foods that Wreak Havoc on Your Bright Smile

As important as regular dental hygiene is, our efforts in the bathroom are futile if we don’t watch what we eat. The foods and drinks we consume can either prevent or contribute to plaque build up and cavities.

So here’s a watch list for those concerned about the health and gleam of their smile! Find below the top three foods and drinks that can ruin your teeth.

Sour Candy

Of course, you expected to see candy as the top offender.

But did you know that sour candy, in particular, is terrible for your teeth. This is because sour flavours contain harsher acids. Since candy is sticky, these acids have longer to corrode your teeth than other sour foods. Surprisingly, dried fruits do the same thing.

Refined Grains

We should eat whole grains instead of other refined varieties for both our teeth and bodies. When broken down, the starches in bread, chips, and crackers convert into sugars. Not to mention, such foods turn pasty—like candy, they stick to the teeth and gums. Whole grains break down differently and avoid this effect. Such foods also contain fewer additives.

Caffeinated and Alcoholic Drinks

Coffee, tea, soda, beer, or wine—it does not matter. These drinks harm our teeth.

Caffeine and alcohol cause dry mouth. Without saliva, our teeth cannot stop food from sticking. It flushes our mouths of harmful particles and bacteria.

Carbonated soda and beer promote plaque development, too. A study in the National Center for Biotechnology Information ventures to say large quantities of soda damages our teeth as much as crack cocaine or methamphetamine! Acidic drinks made from fruits like oranges and lemons are equally as bad.