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How to Brush Your Teeth the Right Way

Did you know most people brush their teeth incorrectly? The popular back-and-forth technique is both abrasive and ineffective. It strips the enamel, skips over important gaps between the teeth, and scrapes at the gum line. Worse, most people who brush incorrectly also apply too much pressure. Especially with hard bristles, vigorous brushing can exacerbate the problem. […]

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When Does a Toothache Warrant a Trip to the Dentist?

Like most pains, toothaches can either be dull or acute. Sensitivity to temperature—a subtle pain—is manageable and harmless. Changing your brushing habits or switching toothpastes often solves the problem. But tooth soreness comes in varying degrees and home remedies may not always suffice. Common Causes of Toothaches Cavities, gum disease, fractures, and physical stress (i.e. […]

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