Before You Eat with a Temporary Crown…

Maybe you broke the tooth eating sticky candy; maybe you’re a hockey player: No matter how much we care for our teeth, sometimes we have to get a crown on one or more of them. Before you get a permanent crown, the dentist will take impressions of your broken tooth and fit you with a temporary one. Temporary crowns are acrylic and somewhat delicate. To avoid breaking your temporary crown, be careful with what you eat until your permanent one is installed.

Avoid Crunchy and Chewy

Before You Eat with a Temporary Crown...

Acrylic is relatively fragile, so abstain from eating hard candies, nuts, and crunchy, fresh vegetables (like carrots, broccoli, et cetera). One wrong chomp and you’ll break your acrylic temporary crown, putting you back in a world of hurt. Also, avoid extremely chewy foods (mostly those in the dessert and candy category): jelly beans, toffee, caramels, gummy bears — anything that can stick — could easily pull out the acrylic temporary crown.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Before You Eat with a Temporary Crown...

Acrylic temporary crowns aren’t as good at protecting nerves from hot and cold as regular crowns (or your natural teeth). So, while you’re waiting for that permanent crown avoid diving into any meal that’s exceptionally hot or cold. If you are about to go to the cottage or on holiday and expect to drink frozen beverages, make sure you have your permanent crown in place well before you sip through that straw.

Make your experience getting a permanent crown pleasant and drama-free. Ohana Dental Clinic is ready to help make your transition from a temporary crown to a permanent one as smooth as possible. If you have a broken or damaged tooth, contact our caring staff immediately at (905) 697-3440.

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